Collective Audacity

Collective Audacity: We Here!

October 27, 2022 Dismantle Collective Season 1 Episode 0
Collective Audacity
Collective Audacity: We Here!
Show Notes

Welcome to Collective Audacity. It has taken us some time to get to this point. We are glad to see you here. If you’re just finding out about us, we are also glad to have you join us on the journey. 

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We see you, fam.

We know you have been paying close attention.

You have listened and asked questions. Cried and raged. Organized, made donations, made art, prayed, danced, asked for help, and all but given up hope.

You see the oppressive systems crashing down all around us, doing their best to cause as much harm and chaos as possible on their way out.

You are doing your best to cope. To heal. To fight. To rest. You know that there is something waiting for us on the other side of all of this.

You just don’t know exactly what that is, or how to get there. And you want to get there, now.

Collective Audacity welcomes you to be part of the work of The Dismantle Collective, a Black-led, POC-centered think tank, creating our collective path to liberation. We are raising $50M to build and support models of what we know our economy and ways of being will and should look like.

Each episode captures our actual, real life, weekly meetings, where you will:

  • Hear us discuss big topics like land liberation, arts and healing, alternative models of care, reparations, and investments in community wealth
  • Learn how we lead and move together with our values—​​Collectivity, Care, Enoughness, Liberation, Pleasure, Transparency, and Fugitivity*
  • Experience what collective liberation sounds and feels like in a way that allows you to unleash your own audacious leadership

    *“Fugitivity is a term that has been used by Black theorists to describe the process of seeking and creating freedom within completely enslaving circumstances past and present.  I think of fugitivity as Harriet Tubman-ness, the process of seeking and prioritizing collective freedom. The shapeshifting evasion of capture by slave catchers, norms and institutions. The ways we find each other and free each other again and again.” - Alexis Pauline Gumbs

    The Dismantle Collective is Avery Ebron, David Jackson, Dean Bardouka, Diana Marie Lee, Lynn Johnson, Marie Koesnodihardjo, Olayinka Credle, and Samuel González. 

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