Collective Audacity

It's Time To See What We're About

November 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1
Collective Audacity
It's Time To See What We're About
Show Notes

How would you answer the question, "Who are you today?"

Not just "how ya feelin'?" Not simply "whatchu up to?"

But, who ARE you? Today. Which parts of you are making an appearance and why? Which parts are you putting on display and which need to stay hidden?

Who do you have to be to survive and show up right now?

Collective Audacity is a new podcast hosted by the Dismantle Collective—a Black-led, BIPOC-centered think tank creating our path to liberation.

In our very first episode, we introduce you to who we are, right now in this moment. We show you a bit about how we care for each other. We welcome you as we take a giant audacious leap towards our liberation with one simple step. This episode features Avery Ebron, David Jackson, Lynn Johnson, Marie Koesnodihardjo, Olayinka Credle, and Samuel González.

Join us in the sound bath—gifted to us by the incomparable Douglas Cardwell—to find yourself, whoever you are, today.

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