Collective Audacity

Stretching The Muscle of Dreaming

January 19, 2023 Dismantle Collective Season 1 Episode 2
Collective Audacity
Stretching The Muscle of Dreaming
Show Notes

What do I need to pursue the shit I am meant to do? Not [what do I need] just to get by?” - Dean Bardouka

"We have to walk our talk. If we're not willing to be witnessed, sharing what we need and willing to ask for support, how the hell do we think [we are going to help] the communities and people we want to center?" - Diana Marie Lee, aka Lady D

White supremacy is a system that thrives on unmet needs. As Black and Brown folks in this system, we have learned to suppress and ignore our own needs and exist only to meet the needs of others. 

Simply having needs and naming them brings up feelings of guilt and shame, unworthiness and suffering. 

There is no virtue in suffering.

In Episode 2 of Collective Audacity, the Dismantle Collective practices declaring what we need, unequivocally and unapologetically. Through the framework of a Needs Assessment, we put our needs out into the universe—claiming them publicly and together—sharing why meeting our own needs is an essential first step to building a strong movement.

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